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Conservatory Features

Newell conservatories can be fitted with a range of features, some of which include the following:

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  1. Blue anti-sun glass makes life more comfortable on hot days.
  2. Ridge spotlights are a popular and stylish accessory.
  3. Spotlights and blue glass combined give a great effect.
  4. Polycarbonate is the standard conservatory roof material, which is highly energy efficient. It is available in bronze and opal polycarbonate giving increased protection against summer heat gains. ‘Heatguard’ polycarbonate reduces penetration of the suns heat via an integral reflective coating.
  5. Fans are an impressive feature, allowing gentle air circulation to add to the comfort of your environment. Remote control operation is also available for added convenience.
  6. Aesthetically designed tie bars add structural rigidity to the conservatory roof allowing larger spans and create a desirable feature, often used for hanging baskets, exotic climbers and fixing decorations on those special occasions.
  7. Take your time to choose from many different types of bevelled and stained glass designs to suit your tastes.
  8. Fully welded and reinforced roof vents can be manually or electronically operated and are available with thermostats, rain sensors and remote control if desired.

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